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3 Tips to Reenter Your Life After Addiction Treatment

Getting help for an addiction is a difficult thing to do, there's no doubt about that. Whether you've chosen it for yourself, or were brought by someone else, entering addiction treatment is the first step to healing. But once you leave, it can be hard to go back to your old life where all your triggers are still present. Here are three tips to help you get back to normal.


Avoid Old Friends and Places


In treatment, you will have discovered and discussed your triggers. This can be friends who encouraged your bad habit, places that made you want to engage in risky behavior, or certain situations. Regardless of what your triggers are, do your best to stay away from them so you do not begin to struggle with adjustment disorder.


Have an Accountability Buddy


If you feel comfortable doing so, confide in a friend or family member about your situation. It's important to be honest with this person so they can help you. If they don't know your triggers, they can't help you avoid them. Give this person the information they need to help you such as warning signs and emergency contact numbers.


See a Psychologist for Addiction


In-patient treatment is a great way to kick start your therapy, but it's important to continue your progress once you leave the facility. You may be able to continue seeing the same psychologist for addiction that you saw in treatment, but if not, ask them for a recommendation for an outside source.


Work with Me


Whether you're a patient seeking help for yourself, or a fellow doctor seeking help for your patient, please contact me today. I am a licensed clinical psychologist for addiction, depression, disordered eating, and more. I would love to help you on your path to a fuller, healthier life.

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